a review of Final Fantasy XIII-2
a videogame developed by Square Enix Product Development Division 1 and tri-Ace
and published by Square Enix
for the microsoft xbox 360 and the sony ps3
text by ben hornsby

1 star

Bottom line: Final Fantasy XIII-2 is “more chocobos”

final fantasy vii

a review of final fantasy vii
a videogame developed by squaresoft
and published by squaresoft
for the sony playstation computer entertainment system
text by tim rogers, vito gesualdi, and alex jaffe

4 stars

Bottom line: final fantasy vii is “a work of fiction”


a review of ZiGGURAT
a videogame developed by Action Button Entertainment
for the iOS App Store ($.99)
Download ZiGGURAT right the heck now
text by adam saltsman

4 stars

Bottom line: ZiGGURAT is “French New Wave action videogame fan art.”

Angry Birds

a review of Angry Birds
a videogame developed by Rovio
and published by Chillingo
for almost as many devices as tetris
download ZiGGURAT instead
text by tim rogers

4 stars

Bottom line: Angry Birds is “The Video Game We Deserve.”


a review of LIT
a videogame developed by WayForward Technologies
and published by Nintendo and WayForward Technologies
for the nintendo wii
text by Hamish Todd

3 stars

Bottom line: LIT is “the best teacher you ever had for a subject you didn't like.”


a review of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
a videogame developed by Bethesda Game Studios
and published by Bethesda Softworks
for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360
text by Veles Svitlychny

1 star

Bottom line: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is “an empty illusion.”


a review of Super Mario 3D Land
a videogame developed by nintendo and brownie brown
and published by nintendo
for nintendo 3DS
text by tim rogers

4 stars

Bottom line: Super Mario 3D Land is “not a game about looking for parking spaces.”

The Sims Social

a review of The Sims Social
a videogame developed by Playfish
and published by Electronic Arts
for facebook
text by tim rogers

0.5 star

Bottom line: The Sims Social is “a love letter from a computer virus”

Shadows of the Damned

a review of shadows of the damned
a videogame developed by grasshopper manufacture
and published by electronic arts
for Sony PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
text by tim rogers

2 stars

Bottom line: shadows of the damned is “a videogame.”

god hand

a review of God Hand
a videogame developed by clover studio
and published by capcom
for the sony playstation 2 computer entertainment system and the sony playstation network
text by Hamish Todd

4 stars

Bottom line: God Hand is “would never lie to you.”