(chronicle of) dungeon maker(: hunting ground)

a review of (Chronicle of) Dungeon Maker(: Hunting Ground)
a videogame developed by global A entertainment
and published by taito and X-SEED games
for the nintendo DS and sony playstation portable handheld gaming systems
text by tim rogers

4 stars

Bottom line: (Chronicle of) Dungeon Maker(: Hunting Ground) is “the most entertaining -- and affordable -- psychology textbook you can find at a videogame shop.”


a review of Plok
a videogame developed by software creations
and published by tradewest
for the super nintendo entertainment system
text by Ario Barzan

3 stars

Bottom line: Plok is “like feeling the shoreline brush against your feet on Planet X.”

biohazard [resident evil] 4: wii edition

a review of Biohazard [Resident Evil] 4: Wii Edition
a videogame developed by capcom
and published by capcom
for the nintendo wii
text by tim rogers

2.5 stars

Bottom line: Biohazard [Resident Evil] 4: Wii Edition is “dangerously close to 'the new retro'.”

La Mulana

a review of La Mulana
a videogame developed by GR3 Project
and published by GR3 Project
for Microsoft Windows and nintendo wiiware
english version available at romhack
text by Bennett

4 stars

Bottom line: La Mulana is “like all the best things in life, not for kids.”