dragon quest swords

a review of Dragon Quest Swords : The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors
a videogame developed by square-enix
and published by square-enix
for the nintendo wii
text by tim rogers

2 stars

Bottom line: Dragon Quest Swords is “the videogame I've wanted to play since I was six years old.”

blue dragon

a review of Blue Dragon
a videogame developed by mistwalker
and published by microsoft
for the microsoft xbox 360
text by tim rogers

3 stars

Bottom line: Blue Dragon is “a bottomless bowl of Cap'n Crunch on a fifty-hour Saturday morning.”

chrono trigger

a review of Chrono Trigger
a videogame developed by the dream team
and published by squaresoft
for iOS, mobile phones, the nintendo DS, the nintendo super famicom (super nintendo entertainment system), the nintendo wii virtual console, the sony playstation computer entertainment system and the sony playstation network
text by tim rogers

4 stars

Bottom line: Chrono Trigger is “hands-down the best 'Japanese RPG' of all-time.”