Star Wars: The Old Republic

a review of Star Wars: The Old Republic
a videogame developed by Bioware
and published by Electronic Arts and LucasArts
(Windows PC)
text by Samuel Kite

3 stars

Bottom line: Star Wars: The Old Republic is “basically, Knights of the Old Republic, except probably 4 separate installments of it, where your buddy can be playing his jedi knight story and you can be playing your smuggler story, and both of you can drop in on each other”


a review of ZiGGURAT
a videogame developed by Action Button Entertainment
for the iOS App Store ($.99)
Download ZiGGURAT right the heck now
text by adam saltsman

4 stars

Bottom line: ZiGGURAT is “French New Wave action videogame fan art.”

Angry Birds

a review of Angry Birds
a videogame developed by Rovio
and published by Chillingo
for almost as many devices as tetris
download ZiGGURAT instead
text by tim rogers

4 stars

Bottom line: Angry Birds is “The Video Game We Deserve.”