a review of The Dazzles
a videogame developed by nintendo spd group no.1
and published by nintendo
for the nintendo DS
text by Hamish Todd

4 stars

Bottom line: The Dazzles is “directed at casual-gaming preteen girls in the same way that Starship Troopers is directed at shithead preteen boys.”

Soul Bubbles

a review of Soul Bubbles
a videogame developed by mekensleep
and published by eidos
for the nintendo DS
text by Hamish Todd

2 stars

Bottom line: Soul Bubbles is “a physics simulator from fairy land.”

Starcraft 2

a review of Starcraft 2 : Wings of Liberty
a videogame developed by blizzard entertainment
and published by blizzard entertainment
for personal computers
text by action button dot net

3.5 stars

Bottom line: Starcraft 2 is “making out with other people.”